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This site was created in June 2004 with the intent to be the Internet's most comprehensive resource site when it comes to troubleshooting OBD codes. The site was started because I realized that while other sites listed the OBD-II code descriptions, they didn't offer any tips on how to fix the problem. The cryptic OBD-II codes are useless without further help. So I set out to offer complete information on OBD trouble codes, including symptoms, possible solutions, and much more, in layman's terms.

Please note that this site is intended to provide information to vehicle owners to help them make a decision whether to fix their vehicle themselves or not. The content on this site is not meant to be comprehensive repair guides. If looking for detailed repair instructions we recommend you get a subscription to AllDataDIY or buy a repair manual. Members of the site may provide advice on car repair but OBD-Codes.com and it's members are not responsible for any actions performed on any vehicles. Follow the advice found on this site and in the forums at your own risk. If you are in doubt of any procedures, we strongly recommend you consult a qualified technician!

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